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[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 205
Starlog Magazine Issue 205 Among the Red Shadows: Director Russell Mulcahy knows where evil lurks Mask Maker: For green-faced antics, look to helmsman Chuck Russell On the 3:10 to Oblivion: Out there in the wilds of space, it's cowboys & aliens time Lunar Odysseys: Mankind has always wanted to make that leap to the Moon Alien Laws & Human Order: Pounding this galactic beat is a job for the Space Police Ensign Ro Reports: Michelle Forbes reviews her days on the "Enterprise" Welcome to Shatterworl...
Keywords: star; trek; starlog; Starlog; magazine; space; movie; moon; forbes; science fiction; jeffries; postage; comics; pop culture; pins pins; park avenue; star trek; space police; money order; star wars; accept written; deep space; card expiration
Downloads: 1,151
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 001

Keywords: star; guest; kirk; trek; spock; roddenberry; enterprise; shatner; gene; nimoy; star trek; science fiction; gene roddenberry; los angeles; harry mudd; bionic woman; william shatner; third season; starring role; starlog magazine
Downloads: 4,630
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 118

Keywords: star; trek; postage; starlog; shatner; movie; series; morrow; fontana; episode; star trek; star wars; star tours; science fiction; park avenue; twilight zone; walt disney; special effects; island earth; george lucas
Downloads: 1,137
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 233
Starlog Magazine Issue 233 Starfleet Memories: Walter Koenig offers a candid sample from his memoirs Jonathan Frakes Directs: Finally, he's at the helm and making First Contact The Quintessential Actor: Patrick Stewart prepares to once again face the Borg When Mars Attacks...: The red planet invades. Can Tom Jones save Las Vegas? Gillian Anderson Speaks: She has a fresh perspective on exploring The X-Files Approaching Millenium: Director David Nutter adds shadowy style to the show Space Jam: Bug...
Keywords: star; trek; starlog; Starlog; magazine; frakes; stewart; film; alien; science fiction; movie; star trek; animation; pop culture; avenue south; accept written; money order; star wars; residents add; independence day; daytime phone; park avenue; space jam
Downloads: 301
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 238 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 238 Lost in Babylon: Claudia Christian offers a few candid comments Kevin Sorbo Speaks: He finds incredible action in fantasy as TV's Hercules Hercules Untooned: Disney labors over a truly animated myth adventure The Vulcan Way: Serene Tim Russ takes a logical look at Voyager Howard's End: Vincent D'Onofrio brings Conan's creator to life & love Eye Contact: Without his VISOR, LeVar Burton faces new directions Arabian Knight: Zen Gesner faces magicks & mayhems as Sinbad Tar...
Keywords: star; trek; starlog; Starlog; magazine; sinbad; sorbo; tuvok; episode; science fiction; hercules; star trek; episodes; pop culture; Babylon 5; Claudia Christian; Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; card expiration; Kevin Sorbo; card street; money order; Disney; indiana jones; residents add; avenue south; Hercules; animation; Star Trek; park avenue; daytime phone; Voyager; Tim Russ; Conan; Robert E. Howard; Vincent D'Onofrio; The Whole Wide World; accept written; Star Trek; The Next Generation; TNG; First Contact; LeVar Burton; The Adventures of Sinbad; Zen Gesner; Tarzan: The Epic Adventures; Michael McGreevey; Indiana Jones; Max McCoy; religion; Doctor Who; Kate Orman; The Burning Zone; Michael Harris
Downloads: 277
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 014

Keywords: starlog; matte; star; space; finlay; film; color; movie; science; trek; star trek; science fiction; star wars; special effects; close encounters; sterling silver; melting man; incredible melting; money order; air force
Downloads: 1,568
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 009

Keywords: star; starlog; trek; space; science; fiction; movie; series; wars; star trek; science fiction; star wars; wonder woman; special effects; park avenue; floor suite; avenue south; address city; von braun
Downloads: 1,708
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 203
Starlog Magazine Issue 203 Driving Rod Serling: Twenty years ago, one fan took the detour up ahead Master in Twilight: Presented for your approval: A final portrait in words Where the Scripts Are: Richard Matheson explains narratives lost in Twilight The Killer Smile: On board seaQuest, the grin belongs to Marco Sanchez Mars Attacks Again!: Earth's destruction is still in the cards (& in the comics, too) The Hero This Time: Now, the key word for Ray Liotta truly is action Actors' Prison Colony: ...
Keywords: star; trek; starlog; Starlog; magazine; twilight; comics; movie; serling; science fiction; postage; star trek; fantasy; pop culture; deep space; card expiration; money order; accept written; starlog press; pins pins; park avenue; mars attacks
Downloads: 921
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 010

Keywords: star; starlog; film; color; trek; space; movie; postage; science; star trek; star wars; science fiction; close encounters; special effects; george pal; project director; starlog magazine; space academy; full color
Downloads: 1,892
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 020

Keywords: space; starlog; star; buck; movie; superman; rogers; science; film; fiction; buck rogers; science fiction; star wars; star trek; space art; flying space; comic book; space model; special effects; money order
Downloads: 1,569
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 168

Keywords: star; trek; starlog; postage; fiction; dorian; terminator; townes; cameron; robin; star trek; science fiction; money order; park avenue; robin hood; dorian gray; starlog press; order payable; alien nation; starlog poster
Downloads: 889
[texts]CineMagic Issue #24 - Starlog Press
Starlog presents CineMagic: The Guide to Fantastic FilmmakingIssue #24
Keywords: Starlog; CineMagic; magazine; filmmaking
Downloads: 78
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 139

Keywords: star; postage; starlog; trek; phantom; fiction; movie; leroux; episode; george; star trek; science fiction; park avenue; star wars; twilight zone; album cassette; starlog press; compact disc; starlog poster; money order
Downloads: 931
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 195 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 195 Paperback Artist: That about covers what David Mattingly always wanted to be Demolition Man: Future action pits Sylvester Stallone against Wesley Snipes Robin's Future: He once fought for Sherwood, now Michael Praed rides again Best of the Generation: Readers vote, naming the series' top 25 episodes Guide to the Enterprise: Michael Piller reviews the adventures of seasons past Really, Really True Lies: As Roy Brocksmith recalls, actors are professional liars Human Torc...
Keywords: star; trek; starlog; Starlog; magazine; picard; movie; space; paramount; science fiction; piller; brocksmith; postage; pop culture; accept written; starlog press; star trek; card expiration; money order; park avenue; demolition man; deep space; daytime phone
Downloads: 1,038
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 108

Keywords: star; trek; starlog; postage; marty; movie; hedison; fiction; science; star trek; science fiction; time machine; star wars; park avenue; special effects; twilight zone; supreme intelligence; space camp; money order
Downloads: 1,114
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 223
Starlog Magazine Issue 223 Across New Dimensions: Battling Screamers, Peter Weller returns to SF territory Galactic Recruitment: Paul Verhoeven drafts Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers Merlin of the Service: Desmond Llewelyn is still outfitting British superspies Cereal Heroes: Enjoy SF action with your sugar-coated breakfast foods Walter Koenig Reports: He's becoming accustomed to the absence of Chekov Maximum Surge: On many levels, this CD-ROM game provides new action Sidekick to Hercules: M...
Keywords: star; trek; starlog; Starlog; magazine; movie; film; crawford; postage; science fiction; thinnes; star trek; space; pop culture; limited edition; card expiration; money order; avenue south; daytime phone; park avenue; residents add; street city
Downloads: 1,785
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 011

Keywords: star; prisoner; trek; starlog; color; makeup; wars; series; fiction; space; star trek; star wars; science fiction; executive producer; script editor; producer patrick; editor george; angelo muscat; special effects; shrinking man
Downloads: 1,774
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 016

Keywords: star; starlog; film; wars; vincent; trek; guest; space; alien; star wars; star trek; science fiction; david vincent; special effects; solar power; alan dean; red river; buck rogers; close encounters
Downloads: 1,258
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 184

Keywords: star; trek; starlog; alien; ridley; blade; schallert; movie; deluxe; postage; star trek; blade runner; park avenue; science fiction; money order; starlog press; avenue south; star wars; accept written; residents add
Downloads: 1,075
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 064

Keywords: star; trek; starlog; film; movie; fantasy; postage; fans; ultimate; star trek; science fiction; ultimate fantasy; blade runner; park avenue; money order; special effects; star wars; leonard nimoy; address city
Downloads: 1,145
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 019

Keywords: star; starlog; space; movie; mothership; color; film; science; buck; postage; star wars; science fiction; star trek; close encounters; full color; buck rogers; space art; george lucas; future magazine; address city
Downloads: 1,445
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 185

Keywords: star; starlog; trek; movie; immortal; dracula; postage; comics; highlander; catalog; star trek; science fiction; park avenue; starlog press; money order; indiana jones; avenue south; batman returns; accept written; star wars
Downloads: 1,345
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 209 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 209 Bride of Frankenstein: Helena Bonham Carter romances both Creature & his Creator Through the "Stargate": That magical gateway takes moviegoers to another kind of Egypt Under Starless Nights: Writer R.A. Salvatore role-plays with dark elves & comic dwarves This Brave New World: Courageous colonists explore a planet known as "Earth 2" A Tale of Two Captains: At last, Kirk & Picard bridge the "Generations" gap Mind Reader: On "Babylon 5," Andrea Thompson's acting telepath...
Keywords: star; starlog; trek; Starlog; magazine; salvatore; paramount; december; space; science fiction; movie; characters; series; pop culture; starlog press; daytime phone; star trek; deep space; accept written; indicate quantity; park avenue; money order; avenue south
Downloads: 999
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 034

Keywords: starlog; postage; star; galactica; fantasy; trek; space; movie; baker; art; star trek; park avenue; science fiction; special effects; avenue south; empire strikes; class postage; black hole; star wars; motion picture
Downloads: 1,061
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 252 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 252 Small Soldiers March: With Joe Dante in command, the toys are off to war The Art of Sylvain: Two gate-gold posters unveil film images past & present Future Design: Sylvian Despretz explains his visions of tomorrow Gone Sliding Again: Jerry O'Connell & pals slip over to the Sci-Fi Channel Station Manager: Bruce Boxleitner guides the way to TNT's Babylon 5 Chris Carter Speaks!: He thinks you already know too much about The X-Files Off to Armageddon: Writer Jonathan Hensl...
Keywords: Starlog; magazine; science fiction; pop culture; Small Soldiers; Joe Dante; The Avengers; The Fifth Element; Sylvain Despretz; Sliders; Jerry O'Connell; Charlie O'Connell; Babylon 5; Bruce Boxleitner; The X-Files; Chris Carter; Fight the Future; Armageddon; Jonathan Hensleigh; Superman; Man of Steel; Superman Reborn; Nicolas Cage; Star Trek; The Original Series; TOS; Leonard Nimoy; Disney; animation; Mulan; Edd Cartier; Star Wars; Bob Anderson; Forbidden Planet; The Twilight Zone; Ed Holliman; Superman Lives
Downloads: 147
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 012

Keywords: star; trek; starlog; encounters; movie; ufo; alien; makeup; color; film; star trek; close encounters; star wars; science fiction; special effects; third kind; starlog magazine; park avenue; vector general; ten years
Downloads: 1,631
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 256 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 256 The New Highlander: Elizabeth Gracen already knows all she needs to know about immortality Life in Pleasantville: Filmmaker Gary Ross finds the colors in a black & white fantasy world Private Warfare: It's Kurt Russell & Jason Scott Lee in a grudge match to the death The Art of Combat: This fold-out offers a battle plan to Soldier's designs An Antz Hill View: Here's a poster magnifying the spectacular CGI images Bug Odyssey: Can one ant find love, happiness & Insectopi...
Keywords: Starlog; magazine; science fiction; pop culture; Highlander: The Raven; Elizabeth Gracen; Pleasantville; Gary Ross; Soldier; Kurt Russell; Jason Scott Lee; Antz; Seven Days; Mercy Point; Brimstone; Peter Horton; The Nature of Evil; Richard Matheson; What Dreams May Come; Robin Williams; Annabella Sciorra; The X-Files; Vince Gilligan
Downloads: 147
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 177

Keywords: star; trek; starlog; postage; movie; invisible; shusett; biff; batman; tarzan; star trek; science fiction; park avenue; starlog press; money order; invisible man; avenue south; starlog poster; total recall; star wars
Downloads: 1,464
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 018

Keywords: star; starlog; movie; space; ond; film; wars; color; send; avenue; star wars; star trek; avenue south; science fiction; space art; future magazine; special effects; address city; richard hatch; empire strikes
Downloads: 1,499
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 260 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 260 The King of Thieves: Stealing scenes & taking names, Bruce Campbell rules It's Wing Commander: They're making a movie of the space gaming adventure Visualizing The Conflict: Stephen Roloff produces the show & designs it as well The Gallery Taelon: Humans! Gaze upon their wonders... and despair Defining Trekonyms: Here's what certain Starfleet terms might really mean Rebellious Enterprise: Veteran writer Michael Piller plots the newest Insurrection Mask Behind the Face:...
Keywords: Starlog; magazine; science fiction; pop culture; Bruce Campbell; Hercules: The Legendary Journeys; Xena: Warrior Princess; Wing Commander; Chris Roberts; Stephen Roloff; Earth: Final Conflict; Gene Roddenberry; Trekonyms; Star Trek; Insurrection; Michael Piller; F. Murray Abraham; Lynda Carter; Wonder Woman; Supernova; Lou Diamond Phillips; Stir of Echoes; Kevin Bacon
Downloads: 152
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 015

Keywords: rod; star; serling; starlog; twilight; wars; episode; color; science; movie; star wars; twilight zone; star trek; science fiction; sound effects; special effects; short story; close encounters; valles marineris; rod serling
Downloads: 1,212
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 002

Keywords: star; trek; flash; movie; koenig; guest; planet; fiction; roddenberry; star trek; science fiction; flash gordon; gene roddenberry; bionic woman; star wars; los angeles; comic book; earth stood; original wonder
Downloads: 2,201
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 207 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 207 Love Alters Not: Romance across the ages ignites time & time again Call Him Timecop: It's a new kind of adventure for Jean-Claude Van Damme Hail & Farewell: Royce D. Applegate retires from service on seaQuest In Command: Avery Brooks leads the action out there on Deep Space Nine Beyond Dark Horizon: Newcomers & humans reteam for an Alien Nation movie Fantasy Tales: Michael Moorcock & Tad Williams discuss the genre Unknown Invaders: They came to conquer, thanks to some ...
Keywords: star; alien; starlog; Starlog; magazine; invaders; series; applegate; october; science fiction; trek; writers; seaquest; pop culture; money order; park avenue; star trek; alien nation; deep space; pins pins; dark horizon; van damme; accept written
Downloads: 1,182
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 057

Keywords: space; fiction; science; starlog; robot; meets; postage; star; film; fantasy; science fiction; star trek; los angeles; park avenue; space shuttle; special effects; address city; money order; cartoon fantasy; star wars
Downloads: 953
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 189

Keywords: star; trek; starlog; aliens; alien; starfleet; series; space; episode; echevarria; star trek; money order; science fiction; deep space; park avenue; starlog press; daytime phone; colonial marines; card expiration; accept written
Downloads: 827
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 140

Keywords: trek; star; postage; starlog; wheaton; movie; stoltz; episode; box; quatermass; star trek; science fiction; park avenue; holiday inn; money order; island earth; starlog press; great deal; gates mcfadden; compact disc
Downloads: 940
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 224
Starlog Magazine Issue 224 Sirius Business: Christian Duguay introduces a new breed of Screamers The Monkeys' Pal: Is Bruce Willis a madman, messiah or mega-movie star? Robin Williams Speaks!: He's always willing to make fun of his films & fantasies An Alien View: Not quite human, John Lithgow returns to SF Rebel Assault Deux: Creating Star Wars strategies is like plotting video games Rogue Commander: Chronicling Star Wars is X-Wing pilot Michael Stackpole Executive Report: Mars: Even the Presid...
Keywords: star; trek; starlog; Starlog; magazine; alien; space; postage; rebel; science fiction; movie; star trek; film; pop culture; deep space; daytime phone; star wars; money order; park avenue; rebel assault; residents add; avenue south
Downloads: 1,934
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 048

Keywords: starlog; star; space; fiction; postage; science; film; wars; movie; buck; star wars; science fiction; star trek; empire strikes; park avenue; special effects; fan club; address city; buck rogers; money order
Downloads: 1,087
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 136

Keywords: star; trek; postage; starlog; kirk; movie; episode; twilight; bowman; carpenter; star trek; science fiction; twilight zone; park avenue; album cassette; star wars; john carpenter; postage starlog; batman movie; starlog poster
Downloads: 1,083
[texts]CineMagic Issue #9 - O'Quinn Studios
Starlog presents CineMagic Issue #9
Keywords: Starlog; CineMagic; magazine; filmmaking
Downloads: 82
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 214 - The Starlog Group
Starlog Magazine Issue 214 Wild at Heart: Roxann Biggs-Dawson copes with an alien heritage It's Still a Good Life: Wrapped in plastic, Bill Mumy now serves on "Babylon 5" Coal Miner's Daughter: Rebecca Gayheart learns to survive on "Earth 2" Creating New "Species": There's a monstrous new life form spawned by special FX Treaded Tales: Director Rachel Talalay sends "Tank Girl" into action Mutant Janitor: Peter DeLuise is cleaning up all over "seaQuest" Beyond "Outer Limits": Once again, they cont...
Keywords: star; trek; starlog; Starlog; magazine; deluise; fiction; mumy; makeup; science fiction; movie; star trek; kapelos; pop culture; fan club; street city; outer limits; tank girl; star wars; money order; park avenue; deep space
Downloads: 874
[texts]CineMagic Issue #2 - O'Quinn Studios
Starlog presents CineMagic: The Guide to Fantastic Filmmaking Issue #2 Editorial: Don Dohler and Dave Ellis comment about the SF Short Film Search entries Filmmaker's Forum: A regular department devoted to readers' comments about filmmaking, their problems and solutions Contest Winners: The results of the SF Short Film Search Building Your Spaceship: Step-by-step construction history by modelmaker Kenneth Walker Producers' Bulletin Board: Latest news of our readers' productions A Flash in Space:...
Keywords: Starlog; CineMagic; magazine; filmmaking
Downloads: 93
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 032

Keywords: starlog; postage; star; trek; sound; film; movie; alien; space; march; star trek; park avenue; science fiction; sound effects; buck rogers; motion picture; avenue south; star wars; money order; art director
Downloads: 1,096
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 067

Keywords: starlog; trek; star; movie; superman; postage; film; sowards; lisberger; matte; star trek; science fiction; special effects; eden cave; park avenue; video game; address city; star wars; space shuttle; avenue south
Downloads: 1,035
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 017

Keywords: star; starlog; space; spielberg; trek; film; science; fiction; color; star wars; star trek; science fiction; park avenue; money order; address city; space art; close encounters; buck rogers; special effects
Downloads: 1,504
[texts]CineMagic Issue #3 - O'Quinn Studios
Starlog presents CineMagic: The Guide to Fantastic Filmmaking Issue #3
Keywords: Starlog; CineMagic; magazine; filmmaking
Downloads: 79
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 106

Keywords: star; trek; postage; starlog; movie; twilight; episode; nimoy; science; star trek; science fiction; twilight zone; park avenue; big trouble; leonard nimoy; star wars; fan club; star fleet; special effects
Downloads: 824
[texts]CineMagic Issue #18 - O'Quinn Studios
Starlog presents CineMagic: The Guide to Fantastic FilmmakingIssue #18
Keywords: Starlog; CineMagic; magazine; filmmaking
Downloads: 74
[texts]Starlog Magazine Issue 051

Keywords: starlog; star; tinbane; kasdan; movie; trek; postage; harryhausen; film; star trek; science fiction; star wars; park avenue; avenue south; special effects; full color; address city; empire strikes; steel ball
Downloads: 1,093
[texts]CineMagic Issue #4 - O'Quinn Studios
Starlog presents CineMagic: The Guide to Fantastic Filmmaking Issue #4
Keywords: Starlog; CineMagic; magazine; filmmaking
Downloads: 78
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